The printing system called flexography consists of printing on plastic film with a relief plate. The ink adheres to the relief plate and prints it onto the plastic film. It prints on the treated side of the film and is normally then laminated with another film so that the ink remains in the interior and not in contact with the food product. It’s also possible to print the film on the treated side and keep that on the outside of the package without laminating it so that the ink has no contact with the product at any time.


The rotogravure printing system involves printing on plastic film with cylinders that have minuscule dots engraved on it with laser technology. The ink is deposited in these tiny dots to be later printed onto the plastic film. The process is carried out very quickly and in a production line. Later, similar to flexography, the printed film is normally laminated with another sheet so that the ink is isolated between the two film sheets.

Bag Manufacturing

Aflex Packaging supply Stand-up bags, wicket bags, and three-seal bags. These bags are available with zipper and easy-open seals, if the client desires. We have a wide range of machinery that is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of bags with the printing spools of our installations.

Pre-Press Graphic Design

Our pre-printing service is formed of qualified designers and specialists. Its mission is to suit the desired design to the technical characteristics of our machinery. It also advises our clients when it comes to selecting a combination of colours necessary to guarantee that the quality of printing is the highest possible.