Bread and Bakery Package

The bakery sector requires flexible packaging solutions to offer a quality, traditional product in an attractive presentation while conserving the products natural freshness. Aflex Packaging offers a wide variety of plastic bags that meet FDA requirements for bread and bakery packaging. High clarity, high quality Poly Bread Bags.

Aflex Packaging is a custom bread bag specialist. Let us print your logo and text on the bags of your choice. For a custom printing quote, please use our “Contact Form.”

Snack Food

Baked, Dried, Salty Snacks and Dried Fruit & Nut Packaging

Snack foods are now ubiquitous all over the world, hence a lot of universal corporations compete to capture the large shares of snack food market. To survive in this competition as well as improve the safety and appeal of these products, most appropriate snack food packaging is of great importance.

We manufacture attractive snack packaging from using spools or preformed bags. Double and triple layers provide barriers and are particularly suitable for preservation in protective atmospheres, or longer shelf life.

We recommend our Doypack pouches for snack packaging, as they both their shape and closures can be easily customised. Their flat surface enables them to be displayed more easily and ensures they are more visible, as well as making storage in the home easier.

Dry Foods and Pasta

The packaging for dry foods and Pasta packaging can be made in roll form ready for packaging machine, or pre-formed as Doypacks or three side seal bags.

Our flexibility when it comes to manufacturing, coupled with the quality of our high-barrier multi-layer laminates, will ensure your packaging will preserve the taste and smell of the food, as well as protecting it from oxygen, moisture and light.

The possibility of customising packaging will help you ensure the food remains well preserved in your customers’ homes for longer. Lastly, our excellent print quality (for both rotogravure and flexographic printing) is showcased with a wide range of designs for the manufacture of packaging.

Meat packaging

Our packaging solutions for the meat industry are the result of exhaustive research that has led to the development of high quality fresh and processed meat packaging. This meat packaging preserves all the properties of the meat during the packaging process and until the product reaches the end consumer.

Our range of fresh meat packaging includes specific references for both the lid film and the thermoforming films for the bottom of the tray that have high barrier or anti-fog characteristics.

Aflex recommends the material AF-B for processed meat packaging. This film is especially used for tray lids. It is high-barrier, anti-fog film that guarantees the quality of the packaged meat product for longer. The anti-fog treatment ensures good visibility and the freshness of the packaged meat, so that the product looks more attractive when displayed. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) also ensures fresh products maintain an appetising appearance and texture.

Our sheets can either be printed using flexography or rotogravure, or they can be left unprinted. They are available in several thicknesses and finishes.