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Meat packaging

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Our packaging solutions for the meat industry are the result of exhaustive research that has led to the development of high quality fresh and processed meat packaging. This meat packaging preserves all the properties of the meat during the packaging process and until the product reaches the end consumer.

Our range of fresh meat packaging includes specific references for both the lid film and the thermoforming films for the bottom of the tray that have high barrier or anti-fog characteristics.

Aflex recommends the material AF-B for processed meat packaging. This film is especially used for tray lids. It is high-barrier, anti-fog film that guarantees the quality of the packaged meat product for longer. The anti-fog treatment ensures good visibility and the freshness of the packaged meat, so that the product looks more attractive when displayed. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) also ensures fresh products maintain an appetising appearance and texture.

Our sheets can either be printed using flexography or rotogravure, or they can be left unprinted. They are available in several thicknesses and finishes.